Water made better ®

We supply premium mineral water by making use of a state-of-the-art filtration system. The system is designed to remove toxins and reintroduce minerals into the water.

Vida Aqua’s unique filtration process refines any water to a premium and healthy H20

Our range of products and refill service are designed for everyday lifestyle needs.

Made to fit your world

We provide bottled still, sparkling and flavoured water, refill stations and dispenser units, and we deliver to your home in close proximity to stores.

Our stores are conveniently located in smaller community shopping centres for replenishing your water either through buying water or using our refilling stations. Our online shopping option gives you flexibility to order and have your water solution delivered to your home or office.

Call 06 60 60 60 71 to order, or oder online

Our unique water filtration process produces pure and healthy premium mineral water.

Water made better ®

The clean drinking water market is increasingly becoming relevant as water infrastructure fails to provide acceptable levels of quality.

Vida Aqua has developed its own proprietary  nanofiltration and remineralisation process that  is expertly designed by engineers to remove toxins  and reintroduce minerals into the water.