Small water for convenience, school lunch packs and people on the run.

350 ml and 500 ml

Still, sparkling and flavoured sparkling water for easy drinking

Available in-store or online. Perfect for people on the run or those who enjoy a water beverage alternative.

In-store or online.

Large water for big thirsts, long days and water enthusiasts.

1 liter and 1.5 litre

Still and sparkling in a larger quantity

These bottles are good to keep in the fridge for topping up during the day, or for water enthusiasts who want to make sure they get the right minimum amount of hydration.

In-store or online.

Family-sized water for households, holidays, and filling many glasses.

5 litre and 10 litre

Still water

Conveniently bottled five and 10 litre options for larger groups, out-of-town living and ideal for long-distance travelling. Larger bottles are also a good alternative where refill or dispenser units are not a practical option.

In-store or online.

Dispenser water for groups of people in homes or offices.

Dispenser rentals

Floor-standing or countertop dispensers

Choose the dispenser unit that is best suited for your environment and need and have your water replaced on a monthly or ad hoc basis.

Currently only available to customers in the Western Cape

Refill water for minimising plastic waste and getting more value for money.

Self-help, exchange or order online

When you buy a floor or countertop dispenser you have to buy a dispenser refill container. You can either exchange these refill containers in store or have the exchange delivered to your home or office.

Self-help refill stations with container options are available at all stores, or bring and refill your own container.