Refined by state-of-the-art nanofiltration technology, our system ensures complete removal of harmful contaminants and has minimal water wastage.

Our unique process

The system is designed to remove toxins and perfectly remineralise the water using exceptional and responsibly sourced raw materials.

CALCIUM – Assists in strengthening bones and teeth. It may also decrease the risk of heart conditions.

MAGNESIUM – Regulates blood pressure, blood glucose levels and nerve function, and improves the health of the digestive system.

HYDROGEN CARBONATE – Regulates your body’s pH by neutralising acid levels in your body and prevents heartburn.

Producing safe, premium and healthy mineral water

Every drop we produce is water made better

Premium mineral water

By considering the origin and science of water,, our specifically designed 10-step filtration system provides an ultra-purified, remineralised water.

Our water is for everyone who wants peace of mind and a healthy and sustainable option in a time of decreasing water quality.