Providing premium, healthy drinking water

Our source of hydration

We understand the science of water – its natural molecular structure, where it comes from and how it forms part and is reused in a closed-circular ecosystem.

Our unique nanofiltration system is custom-designed by two qualified engineers – experts in water quality and process engineering. We have made it our mission to make healthy water accessible and affordable.

Life’s essential ingredient

Understanding the importance of water

After air, water is the one thing that we need to live. It is one of our basic human rights and everyone should have uninterrupted access to clean and healthy water.

Our mission is to provide healthy and delicious water in a way where we are conscious of quality, sustainable to nature and trusted by our customers. In our purification process we reuse already available water, have minimum wastage, use recycled plastic bottles and containers, and encourage our customers to move towards a refill and reuse mindset rather than continuous consumption.

Our passion is water.

A world of water

Safe drinking water is becoming a scarce commodity in a world where overpopulation, climate change and declining infrastructure have become daily challenges. Despite these challenges, our passion and expertise enable us to provide premium, healthy and affordable water.